Publicist Job Profile in United States
A Publicist generates and manages promotional messages for an individual or company. Experienced and reputable publicists usually work in private practice with an established base of clients.

The main responsibility of a Publicist is to generate media coverage on their client. They may do this by:

  • writing press releases
  • managing campaigns, sometimes in partnership with advertising and marketing professionals
  • arranging interviews or exclusive meetings or events featuring the client
  • establishing positive relationships with journalists, editors and bloggers
  • attending networking and social events

Publicists may specialise in certain areas, such as celebrity representation or literary clients. Literary Publicists promote books and authors and they play an essential role in organising for media coverage of the book release, interviews with the author, book-signing events and arranging festival appearances.

Publicists require excellent knowledge of the media in regards to deadlines, contacts, readership and reputation. The rapid expansion in communication technologies means Publicists must be conversant in newspapers, magazines, radio, podcasts, blogs and social media applications.

Publicists are likely to work inconsistent hours, sometimes having to attend social events, festivals, and represent or advise their clients either by phone or email when called.

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