Sheep Farmer Jobs in United States
Sheep Farmers typically raise and sell sheep for meat or fibre. Generally, sheep are raised under traditional conditions, where flocks graze on pastures under the supervision of sheepherders. Wool production is a key associated industry, as is lamb production. Sheep can also be raised for sale to other farmers.

Sheep Farmers may grow the hay and grain needed to feed their animals. Sheep Farmers are responsible for the shearing, vaccination and washing and dipping (bathing in insecticide) of the animals. Sheep Farmers also assist in the delivery of newborn animals, brand the animals for identification, the grade or type of animal and proof of ownership.

Sheep Farmers work closely with animal nutritionists and veterinarians to ensure optimal health of their flock. Another major concern for Sheep Farmers is the protection of their livestock from predators such as dingoes, dogs, crows, eagles and ravens.

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