Glass Repairer Jobs Profile in United States
An Auto Vehicle Glass Repairer installs, repairs and replaces safety glass and backglass heating-elements on vehicles and equipment.

Common duties of a Glass Repairer include:

  • obtaining windshields or windows for particular automobile makes and models
  • examining windshields or windows for damage or faults
  • removing dirt and loose glass from damaged area in preparation for replacement glass
  • replacing moldings, clips, windshield wipers and any other parts removed prior to glass installation
  • installing rubber-channeling strips around frames to ensure weatherproof windows
  • dry out any moisture or contamination in damaged areas, prior to making repairs, and keep damaged areas dry until repairs are finished
  • replace or adjust motorised or manual window-raising mechanisms
  • cut safety glass according to specified patterns, or perform precision pattern-making and glass-cutting to custom-fit replacement windows

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