Chauffeur Jobs Profile in United States
Chauffeurs are required to drive and keep watch over the cars, vans and limousines belonging to private entities, business firms, government agencies, and limousine companies.

Chauffeurs are responsible for driving passengers to different places including meetings, work, school, social functions and various business activities. The Chauffeur must ensure the passengers are driven safely to the destination and back again. Chauffeurs are required to assist their passengers in getting into and out of the car. Chauffeurs also ensure their cars or limousines are maintained by washing, polishing and waxing to ensure high standards of cleanliness and scheduling repairs and services at convenient times.

Chauffeur jobs duties and responsibilities involve:

  • monitoring the car or limousine to ensure that it is in good condition at all times
  • ensuring the car is equipped with amenities such as music, drinks and snacks
  • picking passengers up at their location such as hotels or homes as scheduled
  • opening doors for the passengers as they board the car and ensuring that they are comfortable during the entire journey
  • assisting passengers to disembark safely at their destination

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