Lecturer Jobs Profile in United States
A Higher Education Lecturer facilitates learning and engages in research in a University or Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institution. They design and deliver course material to undergraduate and postgraduate students through lectures, seminars, tutorials and laboratory demonstrations. Increasingly, Lecturers are also delivering course material through podcasts, online videos and e-learning programs.

Most Lecturers actively research subjects within their specialty field to ensure that they are maintaining their own knowledge and skills, while also making sure that the knowledge they are imparting to students is relevant and accurate.

A significant amount of time must be devoted to administrative tasks such as preparing coursework, assessing student work, reporting on budgets, enrolments and attendance, and attending committee and faculty meetings.

Typical duties of a Lecturer include:

  • develop course material and presentations based on research developments
  • deliver lectures, seminars and tutorials according to approved curriculums
  • assess student coursework
  • supervising and marking examinations
  • contributing to research journals and academic publications
  • representing the institution at conferences and seminars
  • establishing partnerships with industrial, commercial and public organisations to enhance the institution’s profile and access to facilities, research and graduate opportunities

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