Strategy Planning Jobs Profile in United States
The role of professionals in Strategy & Planning is to define the direction of the company, and to ensure that decisions on the allocation of resources are made in alignment with the defined direction and mission of the company.

A common process in Strategy & Planning is the SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats). There are three key questions faced by professionals in Strategy & Planning:

  • what is our product/service?
  • who do we provide this product/service to?
  • how can we increase our productivity and quality

The constant evaluation of competitors and active efforts to exceed in quality and profits is a key part of Strategy & Planning within successful businesses. Those who work in this field will be instrumental in defining the Mission Statement of a company, which describes why the company exists and what its objectives are. They will also assist in defining the values of a company, which in turn direct its culture and priorities.

Ultimately, the role of Strategy & Planning within a company is to define the objectives that the company have determined and then to design, implement and evaluate the policies and activities engaged in to meet those objectives.

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