Immigration Officer Jobs Profile in United States
Immigration Officers may be employed in passport control, where they are responsible for ensuring the right of entry to United States of all individuals arriving via seaport or airport. In addition to examining documentation, they may be employed to gather intelligence or detain illegal entrants and initiate legal proceedings to remove illegal entrants.

Typical duties of an Immigration Officer include:

  • checking passports for authenticity
  • interviewing individual arrivals with the assistance of interpreters where necessary
  • applying immigration legislation, rules and policy
  • liaising with intelligence agencies, police and relevant government departments and agencies
  • visiting individuals suspected of illegal residence in United States with the cooperation of police
  • making arrangements for temporary accommodation for those refused entry
  • compiling reports and delivering presentations

Immigration Officers must have knowledge of the Human Rights Act, immigration laws, policies and official procedures. They also require excellent interviewing, listening and research skills. The United States Department of Immigration and Citizenship advises that Immigration Officers must have a Year 12 education, United States citizenship or permanent residency and a current police clearance check.

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