Sonographer Jobs in United States
A Sonographer operates ultrasound machines and related equipment to produce images for medical diagnostic purposes.

The Sonographers job requires them to prepare the patient by recording their medical history and moving them into the most appropriate position for clear images for diagnosis. Sonographers adjust the equipment settings and using the gel prepares the area of the patient’s body that needs imaging. Sonographers then use the imaging equipment to examine the affected area.

During the ultrasound, the Sonographer interprets the images shown by the equipment to record the problem areas for the referring physician. They also determine the quality of the images and edit them in order to give the physician the most relevant footage.

Sonographers may choose to specialise in:

  • ophthalmologic Sonography deals with the eyes
  • abdominal Sonography deals with the pancreas, spleen, gallbladder, liver, and kidneys
  • neuro Sonography deals with the brain
  • obstetric and gynecologic Sonography deals with the female reproductive system
  • echocardiography and vascular technology

Sonographers who work in a hospital may work in the radiology department, use mobile X-ray units at patient’s bedsides or work in an operating theatre. They work with other health professionals, medical staff and nursing staff.

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