Barista Jobs in United States
A Barista is a professionally trained expert in making espresso coffee and milk-based coffee drinks. The role of a Barista has grown to encompass the selection of coffee beans, roasting and brewing to ensure the highest quality of taste and customer satisfaction.

Baristas operate three varieties of commercial espresso machine; manual, semi automatic, or automatic. A manual machine requires the Barista to pull on a lever to push the water through ground coffee. A semi automatic machine uses an electric pump, which the Barista operates via an on/off button. An automatic machine operates on preset standards, requiring less training and expertise on behalf of the Barista .

Essential skills include:

  • ability to correctly operate, maintain and program the espresso machine
  • knowledge of grinding and tamping methods
  • knowledge of extraction times, water temperature and quality
  • milk frothing and latte art
  • coffee bean roasting, cultivation and drying methods
  • correct storage, disposal and recycling of coffee

A Barista acquires these skills either on-the-job or through attending a training course.

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