Recruitment Consultant Jobs in United States
A Recruitment Consultant attracts candidates and matches them to temporary or permanent positions with a company. Recruitment Consultants work with the company, to build specific job description of the positions available. They develop strategies for recruitment such as advertising copy for use in the media, networking and headhunting.

Recruitment Consultants are required to interview candidates, do background checks, and finally match candidates to the positions.

Recruitment Consultant jobs involve:

  • using sales, business development, marketing techniques and networking in order to attract candidates
  • develop a good understanding of the company, and their work culture and environment
  • advertise vacancies by drafting and placing adverts in a range of media
  • headhunting - finding and approaching suitable candidates
  • searching the existing candidate database to find the right person for the position
  • receiving and reviewing applications, conducting interviews and short-listing candidates
  • checking references of applicants before submitting their details to superiors
  • briefing the candidate about the position, salary and expectations of the position
  • submitting CV’s and correspondence to superiors and management
  • scheduling interviews for candidate
  • informing candidates about outcomes of their interviews
  • negotiating salary and finalising arrangements with candidates
  • reviewing recruitment policies to ensure effectiveness of selection techniques

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