Database Administrator Jobs in United States
A Database Administrator manages, maintains and organises a company’s data base. Database Administration jobs include planning, developing, maintaining, system analysis, security and troubleshooting.

A Database Administrator is responsible for:

  • planning, designing and developing new database applications
  • modifying, reorganising and making changes to existing applications
  • managing a company’s growing data including inventory details, payroll
  • figures, HR data and customer addresses
  • monitoring systems and platforms for availability
  • restoring and recovering corrupt databases
  • overseeing backup, mirroring and clustering
  • ensuring data is defined properly for all user’s formats

A Database Administrator needs knowledge of various operating systems, database technologies, database management systems and structured query language (SQL). Database Administration jobs will require a familiarity with Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, MySQL and Oracle PL/SQL, depending on the platforms used in the company.

A Database Administrator works with database programmers, web developers, network and application administrators, corporate analysts, IT project managers, technician, operations personnel and information security personnel.

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