IT Helpdesk Support Jobs in United States
The Helpdesk provides information and assistance with hardware and software to staff and customers, either in person or via telephone or email. Corporations offer Helpdesk support to customers via phone, website or email. Many companies have an in-house Helpdesk to provide support to employees. Some schools also offer this support service to employees.

Typical Helpdesk functions include:

  • providing a single point of contact for customers/employees
  • managing requests via an issue tracking system
  • keeping records of problems and solutions
  • monitoring equipment and applications for errors and taking remedial action
  • activate back-up and recovery operations
  • perform routine maintenance and cleaning of equipment
  • attend relevant product and skill courses

The Helpdesk is called upon to assist people of all levels of experience and knowledge when it comes to IT applications. They must be approachable and have dependable customer service skills in addition to a high level of technical knowledge.

Entry to a role in this occupation generally requires 3 years’ experience, a minimum of a Diploma qualification in an IT-related discipline or a relevant traineeship.

Expected competencies in this role are:

  • excellent problem solving skills
  • works well under pressure
  • good communication and listening skills
  • flexible in working to rotating shifts
  • knowledge of operating systems, hardware operation, software, local and wide area networks (LAN and WANs)

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