Civil/Criminal Lawyer Jobs in United States
Practicing Law includes two divisions, criminal and civil law.

A Civil Lawyer represents their clients in disputes between two or more parties. Civil Lawyers deal with disputes involving property, contracts, personal injuries, defamation of character, slander, libel or family law.

A Civil Lawyers jobs may include:

  • agricultural law
  • business law
  • consumer law
  • employment law
  • entertainment law
  • battery and assault
  • negligence
  • sports law

A Civil Lawyer will be responsible for building the case, assembling documentation and keeping a portfolio of the cases they handle. Civil Lawyers may also be required to supervise and mentor junior lawyers.

A Criminal Lawyer prosecutes or defends clients accused of offenses against society or state, including theft, murder, and arson.

The Criminal Lawyers jobs involve:

  • finding the facts of a case
  • legal analysis
  • court appearances
  • plea bargaining
  • jury selection
  • interviewing clients and witnesses
  • examining and cross examining witnesses
  • preparing for sentencing
  • summarises case to jury

Both a Civil Lawyers and Criminal Lawyers will be expected to work independently on their cases and have completed formal education as well as several years of experience practicing Law. Both a Civil Lawyers and Criminal Lawyers need excellent communication and logic skills to work with legal clerks, judges, other lawyers and clients. Both will possess high levels of motivation and the ability to work under pressure.

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