Mine Labourer Jobs in United States
Mine Labourers are responsible for a variety of general labouring duties needed to assist in the extraction of ore, minerals or coal. Mine Labourers work alongside the other services to support underground mining and general mining activities.

Mine Labourers are central to operations in the minerals industry. Mine Labourers assist with construction, repair and maintenance.

Mine Labourers jobs may include:

  • operating various machinery
  • assisting mine workers in the extraction of geological materials, using hand tools and equipment
  • assisting the extraction workers, such as earth drillers, blasters and explosives workers, derrick operators, and mining machine operators to monitor equipment operation during the extraction process
  • providing equipment and cleaning work areas
  • gathering geological matter, using hand tools
  • signalling workers to start extraction
  • maintaining and repairing automotive and drilling equipment
  • delivery and set-up of materials, devices and machine parts
  • loading materials into gas or well hole, or equipment
  • dismantling and extracting excavation material and equipment

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