Mining Consultant Jobs in United States
Mining Consultants are responsible for planning and designing work for mine operations, coordinating mine planning activities and advising and coaching others within the department.

Mining Consultants require formal qualifications in Engineering or Mining, five to ten years practical mining experience and the ability to provide practical mining advice on how to optimise production. Mining Consultants must have excellent verbal and written communication skills, interpersonal skills to build and maintain relationships between mining parties to ensure services are delivered as scheduled and on budget.

Mining Consultants can be responsible for various projects from scoping and feasibility studies to design and commissioning mining systems. Mining Consultant jobs involve working in conjunction with mid-tier companies, large mining organisations, mine owners, exploration groups, banks, construction firms and government bodies.

Mining Consultants should have a mining background with good experience of practical mining applications, an understanding of commercial interests and environmental aspects of developing mining operations.

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