Researcher Jobs in United States
A Researcher participates in the coordination of research projects, studies, surveys and programs then compiles and organises data on the finding of the project. A Researcher assists property owners with planning and implementation of the most beneficial practices for the project.

A Researcher carries out assigned projects and studies in the area of resource planning as part of a team or independently as required. A Researcher conducts technical investigative studies to determine the specific impact factors of the proposed activities. A Researcher may be required to work in cooperation with government departments and other authorities.

A Researcher uses the technical information in a report to substantiate or modify recommendations for proposed activities. Researcher jobs may include field examinations of property and surroundings, site inspections to identify hazardous conditions, potential environmental impact and other environmental concerns.

Researcher jobs require excellent communication skills both written and verbal, strong analytical and logic skills and the ability to work to deadlines.

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