Conveyance Jobs in United States
A Conveyance is a legal practitioner who specialises in sales or purchases of real-estate properties. The Conveyance prepares the queries involved in a property transaction, as well as the paperwork and legal matters.

Conveyances process and draw up all the documents that the parties involved in a property transaction must sign including leases, contracts, transfers and mortgages. They also advise their clients on the legal and financial implications of the transaction.

A Conveyance job includes the following:

  • taking instructions to clients regarding the sale or purchase of property
  • drawing up contracts and estimates of fees
  • ensuring the title deed is legitimate and that the property is registered at the Lands Registry
  • following up all financial aspects of the sale or purchase
  • checking the sewerage and drainage system for the property
  • drafting and exchanging property documents for the transaction
  • checking the zoning certificate of the property
  • reviewing the purchase or sale contracts
  • reviewing the pest certificate to ensure that the property is free of pests
  • on leasehold properties, they obtain the landlord’s agreement on the sale and deal with the apportionment of the service charges for the property

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