Product Developer Jobs in United States
The Product Developer undertakes market research and analysis to initiate new products for retail sale. They may utilise SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) analysis, in-house research and development, market research and trade shows to gather ideas in the preliminary stages. They will then develop the marketing and engineering details with professionals. This will also require checking patent requirements, product safety issues, cost-effective production techniques and prototyping.

The process continues through market and consumer testing, business development and pricing. There are a variety of associated roles in Product Development , including in the areas of Quality Assurance, Industrial Design, Marketing and Product Testing.

Activities undertaken by a Product Developer include:

  • product strategy formulation and communication
  • opportunity identification and assessment
  • idea generation
  • product definition
  • project planning
  • executive reviews

Product Developers may work in a diverse range of fields, including fashion and accessories; electrical and technological goods; toys; furniture and homewares; automobiles and transport. They will require excellent business knowledge and experience, and may also require qualifications in industrial, fashion or technical design. Understanding of market research and trends analysis will be of great benefit to a Product Developer.

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