Blacksmith Jobs in United States
A Blacksmith creates objects from iron or steel using tools to hammer, bend and cut. The objects they produce include wrought iron gates, grills, railings, furniture, sculpture, tools, decorative items, cooking utensils, horseshoes and weapons.

Blacksmiths heat wrought iron or steel until it becomes soft enough to shape with hand tools, including hammers, anvils and chisels.

A Blacksmith can work for a variety of employers, most commonly the architecture, engineering and manufacturing industries.

The tasks of a Blacksmith may include:

  • manufacturing and repairing tools such as hammers, chisels, blades, knives and tongs
  • producing mechanical components for industry, such as shafts, links, shackles, rings and gear blanks
  • manufacturing architectural elements for building restoration or new installations, including railings, balustrades, brackets, grills, columns and stairways

Blacksmiths are trained in a range of skills relating to:

  • fabrication
  • general manufacturing
  • drawing interpretation
  • welding
  • forging
  • heat treatment of carbon and alloy steels

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