Butter/Cheese Maker Jobs in United States
Butter/Cheese Maker uses milk and specified ingredients to make cheese and butter, according to recipes, pasteurising and separating milk to obtain correct butterfat content.

Butter/Cheese Maker jobs involve:

  • operating valves to fill vat with milk and heat milk to specified temperature
  • adding measured amounts of dye and starter culture into the milk
  • test milk for level of acidity and set agitator to mix ingredients until specified level of acidity is reached
  • adds and mixes specified amount of rennet into milk
  • stops agitator and monitors coagulation of the milk into curd
  • runs curd knives through curd to separates curd and release the whey
  • monitors thermometer, adjusting steam valve, and agitation to stir and cook the curd as specified
  • squeezes and stretches sample of curd to test cooking time has achieve desired firmness or texture
  • treating the cheese in brine, dry salt, and piercing or coating the cheese with cultured wash to develop mould growth depending on recipe
  • placing and turning cheese blocks on shelves to cure cheese
  • tasting, smelling, feeling, and observing samples of cheese for quality

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