Engraver Jobs in United States
Hand Engravers apply their skills to firearms and other weaponry, jewellery and musical instruments. Engravers are employed to personalise trophies, awards, jewellery, silverware and glass.

Traditional engraving techniques are practices by goldsmiths, glass engravers and gunsmiths. Newer techniques, such as photoengraving and laser engraving are employed in imprinting modern banknotes and postage stamps with highly detailed designs. In the case of banknotes, this is as a defence against counterfeiting. The Engraver imprints a design so microscopic that a normal printer cannot reproduce it, nor can it be scanned.

Typical duties include:

  • determining machine settings, and moving bars or levers to reproduce designs on rollers or plates
  • engraving and printing patterns, designs, etchings, trademarks, or lettering onto flat or curved surfaces of a variety of metal, glass, plastic, or paper items, using hand tools or hand-held power tools
  • inspecting engravings for quality of cut, burrs, rough spots, and irregular or incomplete engraving
  • examining sketches, diagrams, samples, blueprints, or photographs to decide how designs are to be etched, cut, or engraved onto workpieces

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