Vending Machine Repairer Jobs in United States
A Vending Machine Repairer is responsible for stocking and servicing vending machines. Vending Machine Repairers are required to travel specific routes and are in charge of the vending machines on that route. A Vending Machine Repairer installs the machines, repair and maintain the machines, collect the money from them, and replace the items that have been bought. A Vending Machine Repairer must keep records of the money they collect and the merchandise that is sold from the machines.

A Vending Machine Repairer is required to maintain the truck or van they use on the job, and they must be capable and responsible drivers. A Vending Machine Repairer is responsible for simple adjustments and fault repairs to the machines to keep them running smoothly. Broken machines are removed from the site and taken to a repair shop and repaired.

A Vending Machine Repairer may be required to deal with customer requests and complaints in the field and require good communication skills, strong mechanical abilities and be physically fit.

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