Interview Sample Script 2
E: Employer C: Candidate

E: Daniel, what motivates you?

daniel's interview question C: I achieve a real sense of satisfaction in seeing my efforts realised in actual results. I have a flair for customer service and in my last job as a sales assistant with KBO Fine Food, I built up a loyal clientele who we could depend upon me to place regular weekly catering orders for their personal and corporate purposes. Developing strong relationships with the customers makes my work really enjoyable and satisfying. I would say that’s the primary motivation for me – knowing I am representing the highest quality service standards on behalf of my employer and exceeding the expectations and demands of the clientele.


C: I have been working in the not-for-profit sector for the past 15 years and what really motivates me is seeing the tangible difference that my contribution can make to people. When I was working at the Refugee Centre, I was able to see how the revenue from my fundraising campaign was directly channeled into purchasing much-needed food and clothing for those who couldn’t afford it. The sense of achievement and self-worth that I gained from putting time and effort into humanitarian causes, is what has motivated me to apply for a job with your organisation as I have read and heard a lot about the commendable work that you do.