Interview Sample Script 6
E: Employer C: Candidate

E: Sandra, what do you believe are your weaknesses

sandra's interview question C: I have considered this, and come to the conclusion I thrive on working in a challenging environment. I have a tendency to take on several demanding projects at once. This led me to improve my time management and prioritising skills. As a result I managed to meet my deadlines without compromising the quality of work. I am making an effort to focus more on organising my schedule and priorities so that I don’t have too many competing tasks.


C: I have considered this, and I think that perhaps being too particular about details can sometimes mean that I have found myself rushed to meet deadlines. I was a sub-editor at The Standard for two years and it was an essential requirement that I be particular about grammar and spelling. Though writing wasn’t a large component of my previous role as a public relations agent at Soho, I found that sometimes when I had to submit press releases and finalise posters and brochures, I took a little longer than I had initially planned, this caused me to work back to get the job done. Therefore, I never missed a deadline.


C: In my last role as an employment consultant with ABC, I had to give a monthly presentation to the team on new placements and effective retention and client relationships. I had no problem at all with preparing a multimedia presentation, including advanced Microsoft PowerPoint slides and audio-video evidence. I find that I get very nervous prior to public speaking though, and I struggled to speak confidently in front of the team. Last week I enrolled in a public speaking course, and I am already feeling more confident in my ability to speak in front of an audience.