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What is the Resume Writer?

The ISMYCV Resume Writer is an easy to use step-by-step tool that allows Job Seekers to create a resume that will truly stand-out, highlighting all the important things potential Employers want to know.

Benefits of the Resume Writer

  • Ensures the consistency and completeness of resume content;
  • Target all relevant resume categories so you don’t miss out on a new job that’s perfect for you;
  • Your resume is stored online, keeping you in control and able to update it from any computer, anywhere in the world;
  • Easy to edit and update resume content;
  • Allows Employers to effectively compare and analyse resumes, so your skills and experience really stand out.

Key steps to writing a resume using the Resume Writer

1. Key Information 4. Work History
2. Skills 5. Particulars
3. Qualifications 6. References

As your employment skills and qualifications evolve, you can update and edit your resume whenever necessary. If you are interested in targeting a variety of occupations and industries, you can create as many resumes as you need to focus on an occupation or industry.

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