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What is a Video Profile?

A Video Profile is a short video introduction that allows you to effectively market yourself to Employers. The video should be short and concise, allowing Employers to see your professionalism and demeanour, as well as your personality.

Benefits of using the Video Profile tool

  • Improves your overall resume ranking;
  • Allows you to market yourself to Employers. Give Employers a reason to want to interview you;
  • Allows Employers to get an idea of who you are and how you present yourself before you even walk through the door for your first interview;
  • Allows you to record a message in an environment in which you are comfortable and unnerved;
  • Opportunity to create a lasting first impression.
A Video Profile script to help you prepare
Video Profile Sample Script

Hi, my name is Tania,

My friends say I am a smiley, happy and motivated person. I am looking for an employer that would allow me to progress in my nursing vocation; if you choose me you will get a hard working, loyal team player that will always give 100%.

I recently completed my Bachelor of Nursing and now proudly call myself a qualified nurse. While finishing my degree I worked at a local nursing home and I loved it!

I am a ‘people person’, which is why this vocation is perfect for me, Nursing is all about people, whether it be patients, families or staff.

I love my family and friends, heading off to the gym and snowboarding. These are important to me as I believe a balance between work and leisure is crucial.

I am passionate about creating a safe and caring atmosphere at work with a touch of excitement.

If this is what your company is about then I want to be working for you. Please refer to my CV on the website for more information about my skills and experience. I look forward to hearing from you.

An example of a Video Profile
How to make a Video Profile
How to make a Video Profile
  1. Make sure your personality comes across in your video. There is no point pretending to be somebody else.
  2. Write a script for yourself before you film so you remember to cover all the important points (but try not to spend the whole video reading from a piece of paper!)
  3. Tell us something about yourself. What are you passionate about? Where do you see yourself in five years? What are your goals? Do you have any hobbies? The more of yourself you're able to squeeze into your video, the more likely someone will remember you.
  4. Keep your video under two minutes. It's probable yours won't be the only one an employer looks at, and you want them to make it all the way through.
  5. If you don't have a video camera, ask a friend. Alternatively, your mobile phone might have a video recording feature with the ability to send the short film to your computer. If you're not sure how, try searching for your phone type in Google.
  6. Ensure there's sufficient lighting where you're filming- there's no point uploading a video if nobody can see you. Find a plain background so you remain the focus. Try to minimise background noise.
  7. Wear something appropriate for the type of work you're looking for. Imagine you're at a job interview.
  8. Make sure you include:
    • Your first name.
    • Your background.
    • Your personal attributes.
    • What are you looking for?
    • What is the payoff for the employer by hiring you?
    • Remember to smile, especially at the end of the video.
    • Make sure you do not mention any personal contact details.
  9. Supported files: avi, mpg, mp4, m4v, mov, 3gp, wmv. Maximum size is 30mb.
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